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Quartz Plates and Disks

Quartz Plates and Disks have wide applications in various industries such as semiconductor, optics and fabrication. Valiant has devoted itself to developing different types of quartz plates considering the different requests by customers. Three levels of plates and disks depending on three types of production methods are available.

Grade QL410 is an Electric Fused type made from cutting the fused tubes made by continuous fusion process. It has similar properties as Grade QL110 Tube. Both plates and disks can be surface-polished. The maximum  length of a single piece can be 1500mm. 4+ pieces can be welded together for the request of larger size.

Grade QL420 is a Flame Fused type cut from flame fused ingot. It combines the strength of QL410 type with higher thermal resistance. The maximum diameter of the flame fused ingot is 450mm which determines the maximum diameter of the disks and the maximum length of the plates cut from the ingot is 400mm.

Quartz Rings and flanges with different sizes are also available of this grade.

Grade QL630 is a Synthetic type which is made from synthetic ingot. It has high properties in chemical purity, optical transmission and bubble content, etc. The maximum diameter of this type of ingot is 300mm, thus the maximum size of a single piece of disk cut from the ingot is up to 300mm.


Physical properties: preview online download pdf
Chemical component: preview online download pdf

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