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Quartz Sleeves

Out of various stocked quartz tubes,  our skilled working craftsmen make different types of customer-tailored quartz sleeves, which are widely used as the protection to the UV lamps in water treatment industry, as well as cooling tube of water cool system in a UV curing system.

QL110-S is made based on Valiant¡¯s QL110 type tubes which have pure content and low absorption in UV wave range. Our skilled working craftsmen make customer-tailored flanged end, domed end, flat-closed end, glazed ends and all special types to turn the QL110 tubes into different types QL110-S sleeves.

QL110H-S is an improved type of quartz sleeves which is called ¡°High transmission type¡±.  By selecting high grade raw materials, this type of sleeves is to be ensured to have over 70% transmission at deep UV wavelength to satisfy the special needs of customers.

Replacement sleeves to most brands in the market are available in Valiant.  Sandblasting or laser-etching customers¡¯ logo is also applicable upon request.

Typical sizes: preview online download pdf

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