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Quartz Sands

High purity quartz sand is the cornerstone for high quality quartz finished products.  With over 30 years experiences in developing high purity quartz sands,  we successfully set up our own refining process.  By using such refining process, we do ensure the purity of the quartz materials we offer to various industries.  Also, we give an alternative option for worldwide quartz sands users to buy from a quartz expert. 

Two main types of quartz sands are offered to outside customers currently:

QL640-1,  high purity quartz sands with very low iron content to make them a good material for making soft glasses.  1,000mton capacity ensures the supplying and onsite iron testing secure the quality.
QL640-2,  fused quartz sands with crystal-clear appearance.  This type is largely used as fundamental material for high-end quartz countertop. Efficient production process, accurate order management as well as consistent product quality ensures current over 1,000mton supplying every month to worldwide customers.

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