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Opaque Quartz Parts

Opaque quartz tubes are made by newly-developed fused method, which we call ˇ°rotational fusionˇ±.  This production process is primarily used to make opaque quartz tubes and crucibles, with an even, dense wall and a glazed, non-porous inner surface.   We also fabricate various opaque rings, covers and other parts out of these two basic materials by subsequent machining and hot processing.

QL220 is the code for opaque quartz tubes.   With outer diameter up to 800mm, this series product is widely used in cylindrical infrared heaters as heat block materials as well as other high-end furnaces.  Typical sizes can be found in the bottom link on this page.

QL230 is used to name all the other opaque quartz parts, including plates, rings and covers.  With monthly capacity over 3,000 pieces,  Valiant is a reliable supplying partner of these opaque parts to some solar giants. Consistent quality, quick response and short leadtime is the logo of Valiant.

Physical properties: preview online download pdf
Typical sizes-QL220: preview online download pdf
Typical sizes-QL230: preview online download pdf

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