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Transparent Quartz Tubes

Valiant has developed four major grades of transparent tubes to meet the needs of different applications.

Grade QL110 is a general electrically fused type which includes 3 sub-grades depending on different OH content.

  • QL110A is an economic type not annealed with OH content within 50ppm.
  • QL110B is a recommended type annealed with OH content within 10ppm. The properties of this grade can meet most requirements in lamp industries.
  • QL110C is a vacuum annealed type with OH content within 5ppm.

Grade QL120 is known as 'Ozone free' or 'Germicidal' lamp tubing. QL120 transmits UV-A and UV-B while blocking the deep, high-energy wavelength that will cause ozone generation and pose the greatest exposure risks. QL120 transmits the 253.7 nanometer mercury emission very efficiently, making it an ideal material for disinfection applications and other UV treatments.

Grade QL130 is a doped quartz material that blocks UV-B and UV-C radiation. QL130 has a transmittance cutoff wavelength between 350nm and 400nm. It is ideal for lamps requiring maximum visible transmittance with nearly complete UV protection. Applications are those where UV exposure to people or property is undesirable.

Grade QL610 is the high performance type with its OH content below 2ppm.

To meet customers´ requirements of quartz sleeves, the ends of the tubes can be glazed, sealing and flanges to the tubes can be made as well in Valiant.

Physical properties: preview online download pdf
Tolerances: preview online download pdf
Typical sizes: preview online download pdf

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