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Valiant is one of the leading independent suppliers of quartz products and ultra-violet lamps for various industries worldwide.

Valiant has two business divisions which include a full range of quartz products and Ultra-violet lamps.

Initially, quartz sands were the primary focus of our business.  Our company has experienced growth since our establishment and has expanded to include quartz base materials and quartz parts which encompass a broad product range.

Based on the success of quartz material supplying and urged by satisfied customers, Valiant has developed the product line of quartz ultra-violet lamps.

Valiant offers reliable product quality, consistent product performance, and tailor-made customer services through the  monitoring of in-coming raw materials, conducting in-process inspection, introducing advanced technology, state of the art testing equipment, and adopting effective internal management system.

Trust Valiant as your reliable source of quartz and ultra-violet lamps.

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